Driver Turnover Issues Visited

As you know Driver turnover is a real issue in the trucking industry. Last stats show almost a 100% turnover every 90 days, the question is why and the answer is simple….IT IS A HARD JOB! no need to go into all the reasons why it is a hard job but better to focus on how to reduce these numbers a bit. Drivers, especially over the road drivers have a challenging job every day. It’s hard living life on the road 24/7, but the job requires that. So the question is how can you retain more Drivers and minimize turnover in such a difficult work environment? Remember when a driver leaves your company they go to another company pretty much doing the same thing they did for you. So why would they leave in the first place? The are many answers to that question but one stands out above all and it is one a little-known company back in 1998 name Google really pioneered and as a result, they are now one of the biggest companies in the world. So what did they do and what can you learn from them? It’s simple and it is just one word, PERKS.

Why Perks?

Perks keep employees, keep corporate culture strong and keep people wanting to work for you until retirement. Perks include everything you can think of from, meals, to dry cleaning, to vacations, to car allowances to movies and more.

Now you are probably saying, well Google is completely different than the trucking industry and you can offer these perks in the Google type environment, where trucking probably isn’t that easy to offer these perks. Yes, you are correct Google is a different environment, but not correct that they can’t be offered to the trucking industry. In the trucking industry, you need to work hard to create an environment for your drivers that when they are off they have great things waiting for them and their family. And we just don’t mean time off and benefits, we mean catered meals, dinners, amusement parks, mini vacations, paid day trips and the list goes on. Yes, perks cost, but not nearly as much as turnover. If you can accomplish a structure that offers this, your turnover ratios will drop and the reason why turnover ratios will drop is because you are creating loyalty among your most valued asset, your employee. Use this post as food for thought as to what you can do to really step up your corporate culture and lower your attrition rates.


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