How Much Should You Be Spending To Recruit Drivers?

Great Question! The answer is really not that simple. Driver recruitment is something that is not a “one size fits all” answer. Every company is different based on offerings, size etc. However, there is an important rule of thumb to keep in mind when deciding what to spend or not spend to recruit drivers and […]


Driver Turnover Issues Visited

As you know Driver turnover is a real issue in the trucking industry. Last stats show almost a 100% turnover every 90 days, the question is why and the answer is simple….IT IS A HARD JOB! no need to go into all the reasons why it is a hard job but better to focus on […]


The Truck Driver Shortage Explored

There has been a lot of talk in recent about the shortage of Truck Drivers the trucking industry is facing and has been facing for some time. While there is a shortage of qualified Drivers, the shortage only pertains to the industry in terms of numbers. Meaning if there are 3.5 million trucks on the […]