Are Autonomous Trucks Coming? If So, How Will They Help/Hurt The Trucking Industry?

Tesla’s Elon Musk is so sure autonomous is the future he is now equipping all new Tesla’s with fully autonomous technology and just turning it off. Every time you turn around it’s autonomous this and autonomous that, but the truth is nothing major is going to happen anytime soon. This will happen in small steps and eventually get to where the roads are fully autonomous, trucks and cars. Imagine driving down the street and no more car dealerships, Uber picks you up and there is no Driver. We’ll this will happen just like cell phones happened and the Internet. But if this were to all happen tomorrow, things would change economically for the worse for many industries, but truthfully the creators of autonomous technology could really care less how it affects industry overall and more how it affects their pocket. The bigger question is how does it affect human life? It is this question which will make this technology evolve a lot slower than most think.

In theory for the trucking industry, the concept is great! Long haul drivers can take a break and take over as needed. I doubt in this decade if you will see full driverless trucks (meaning nobody behind the wheel at all) alongside you on the freeway. The process just needs a lot of work to be ready for prime time. Is the technology close and even ready? Possibly, however, the issue is not with the technology but lies more with the people. Humans are emotional creatures of habit, robots at this time aren’t. To this day scientist still aren’t 100% sure how our brains entirely work and why we only use a very small percentage of them.¬† A computer can be programmed with many “for instances” but the things human beings have that artificial intelligence doesn’t have and most likely probably will never have is our ability to reason, excel and out think our opponent! It is these human traits and fundamentals that are going make hanging up those car or truck keys take a lot longer than everyone thinks!

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