The Truck Driver Shortage Explored

There has been a lot of talk in recent about the shortage of Truck Drivers the trucking industry is facing and has been facing for some time. While there is a shortage of qualified Drivers, the shortage only pertains to the industry in terms of numbers. Meaning if there are 3.5 million trucks on the road and only 3.3 million Drivers driving them, there is a shortage of 200,000 Drivers, right? Well, in terms of numbers, yes, but not in terms of your ability to keep your trucks full! In the employment world, especially the trucking industry, there is always going to be turnover and attrition, this is employment in general in the U.S. In the trucking industry it is just amplified because it is a challenging and difficult career path.

How does this affect you?

Well, to be honest, it doesn’t. The problem many small the medium sized trucking companies face today is the ability to market their opportunities in an effective way to the Truck Driver community. Yes, it is difficult to find drivers, but this is no different than any other “in demand” position in any industry in this country, shortage or not. Even if there wasn’t a “shortage” of Drivers your challenges would still be the same in finding qualified people! The digital landscape and mobile environment have really changed how we find and secure qualified talent and to be honest, keeping up with the changes is a huge challenge and a big undertaking.¬† If you are having a difficult time finding qualified talent, you might need to rethink your marketing strategy and focus on ways to expand your horizons to find and source talent. Remember, the Drivers are there you just need to get to them!


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