Why Are Owner Operators Such A Challenge To Find And Recruit?

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As an online employment based company that focuses exclusively on Class A Drivers, we get this question a whole lot. The best part is we have a lot of experience with recruitment and retention in the transportation sector, which affords us the opportunity to be brutally honest to our clients even though it is not always what they want to hear. So here is the answer….

With a world that has gone almost 100% digital when it comes to employment-based recruitment and marketing, it becomes very hard to find and recruit potential candidates that are not looking for work in the digital realm, period!

Let’s explain a bit more….

The key to successful digital recruitment in this day in age is exposure and overall coverage of your opportunities. This is the first and foremost requirement, everything else is secondary. It doesn’t matter what you recruit for from a mechanic to an electrician to a truck driver. You have to expose your openings to the masses to give yourselves the best chance of recruitment success! The problem with Owner Operators is even with mass exposure you are not reaching any substantial number of potential candidates. Owner Operators are in high demand, money motivated (earn huge sums of money) and are not always actively seeking work. Unfortunately, this is one area where candidates can dictate the opportunities they want and don’t want. That being said, by all means, don’t stop marketing for Owner Operators digitally as you will find people, but just make sure you don’t put everything into that area of marketing since traditionally it doesn’t yield very much! And remember one very important point–YOU MUST BE WILLING TO PAY WHEN YOU DO FIND OWNER OPERATORS!

How you can get aggressive on marketing and finding Owner Operators?

There are some things that can be done.

-You can download the entire Federal Motor Carrier Database by going here: https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Tools/Downloads.aspx. The first download is the one that you want. Now the download is about 85mb and is 1.4 million records so you might need to split it up into 2 parts. You can sort the data by companies that have 1 power unit to determine which are Owner Operators. The records typically include name, company name, phone, address, years in business etc.. Once you have this data you can create marketing campaigns to get to your market.

-Events- Look for events in your areas and surrounding areas. Face to Face with Owner Operators is another really great way to source OO’s. We get a lot of positive feedback on how events nationally that Owner Operators attend seem to work well.

-Remember the rule of thumb in this case- You must find and create ways to get your message to your specific market. Not only is this required for recruitment, but marketing in general. If you are looking to find and recruit Owner Operators, spending time in places where you can’t find them won’t do you or your pocketbook any good!

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