How Much Should You Be Spending To Recruit Drivers?

Great Question!

The answer is really not that simple. Driver recruitment is something that is not a “one size fits all” answer. Every company is different based on offerings, size etc. However, there is an important rule of thumb to keep in mind when deciding what to spend or not spend to recruit drivers and you must ask yourself the following question:

What am I getting for my money?

If your methods are mostly free and you are happy with the results, keep doing what you are doing. If free doesn’t deliver enough, then you need to look at expanding your marketing horizons. So back to the question “What am I getting for my money?” Are you looking for hires, are you looking for applicants, are you looking to pack a career day at your terminal? What do you expect for your budget? So let’s explore some of these questions:

– Many companies expect to make hires for the money they spend and for that matter any company that spends money on recruitment would expect to make hires, however, trucking is a bit different. Candidates are much harder to reach in this industry after they apply! This is traditionally because they have multiple options and are already working, supply and demand! If your objective is to hire with minimal work & we emphasize minimal work, you should look to a placement or staffing agency to handle the process and pay the larger sums required for this service.

– Many companies put the emphasis on getting an abundance qualified applicants with the intent of making hires but with a focus on applicants. Strong recruiters know the value of a good applicant and work the applicant as hard as they can, including referrals, acquaintances and more. The cost for quality applicants is far lower than the cost of a placement agency.

– The face to face approach. Many smaller companies like the idea of just meeting with the individual and want to bypass dealing with applications altogether. This is a great strategy and this is where career fairs or days at your location come in. You can promote your career fair using traditional recruitment and marketing strategies.

So you have to decide are you about hires, are you about applicants or are you about face to face.

Ultimately the end result still needs to be hires, it is just how you get there and how much you are willing to spend to accomplish this.

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