Why Is It So Hard to Connect With Drivers After They Apply To Your Openings?

This is a question we receive a lot and it is something we felt should be answered and addressed as a standalone blog post.

The answer to this is really a simple one with the reasoning for the answer being a bit more complex. The simple answer is many applicants are mobile now and after the initial application reaching them by phone or email in many cases can prove impossible.


The why isn’t the answer, it is the how. Why in this case doesn’t matter, all you care about is getting a hold of this applicant that looks amazing on paper.

Before we address the how we will touch on the why just because you need to know. Drivers are now mostly mobile, they apply for an opportunity, or several and move on to what they are doing. Unlike some industries in the work world, drivers are in huge demand, mostly employed and therefore don’t hang around waiting to hear back from companies they apply to. Most people don’t use the phone as much as they used to and using email has also proven to be a challenge because of all the junk mail we receive.¬† So this is the why, now onto the how…

Two words: USE TEXT!

This has become the preferred method for communicating and connecting with people. You will find if you adopt this strategy in your recruiting methods, you will increase hires tenfold!

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