Activity—What Is It And Why Is This One Word The Secret To Successful Driver Recruitment?

Activity is and always will be the backbone to successful recruitment campaigns! It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what position you try to recruit for the word recruitment & activity are synonymous with each other, they are one in the same!

Activity is the backbone of what makes successful recruitment campaigns work! Over the years we have heard stories about failed or in-effective recruitment campaigns and they all have one thing in common; not enough activity! Most people that are new to recruitment or have had failed recruitment campaigns don’t understand the TRUE idea and concept behind activity. Most Recruiters that have challenges in recruiting focus on hires which is the wrong place to focus. A Recruiters focus should be on activity plain and simple!

Now let’s define the dictionaries version of activity:


1. The condition in which things are happening or being done.

Now let’s define a good Recruiters version of activity:

Spending at least 50% of your day doing anything and everything to get qualified candidates through your door including ads, texting, emailing, referrals, cold calls, trade shows & social media.

Any recruiter that struggles needs to be reminded of the above. If a recruiter engages in the above on a sustained regular basis, their recruitment efforts almost always will result in success.

Happy Recruiting!

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