The Biggest Mistake Trucking Companies Make When It Comes To Hiring Drivers


In a world with digital this and digital that, people have become somewhat blinded by all the options they now have when it comes to not only jobs and careers but just about everything else in life that is offered in the digital realm. The digital realm has created in many cases a seamless process for researching and buying just about anything you could ever need without much human interaction. There are some exceptions to this and one of them is hiring. Employers traditionally won’t ever hire anybody that they either haven’t met face to face either through an in-person interview or through some type of video conference period! In 20 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hire made without some type of face to face interaction taking place.

That being said if you meet with someone before you hire them, why does the trucking industry as a whole have such a low applicant to hire ratio? In most cases it is not your leads, the Driver shortage or a multitude of other things that you might think. When someone goes through the entire orientation process, passes backgrounds and you never hear from them again it is for one reason and only one reason, FAILURE TO CLOSE THE DEAL!

You might be thinking well “I’m not a salesman” so how does this apply to me? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a salesman or not, someone is always selling someone in this world. You are either selling the candidate on why he or she should come work for your company or he or she is selling you on why they won’t! Which in this case means never hearing from them again after the initial process.

So, how do you spend more time closing hires and what are some steps you can take?

– Focus on bonding and connecting with the potential hire. People want to feel a sense of belonging and being a part of something, they want to feel “taken care of”. If you can’t accomplish this in the first 5 minutes of the interview, the interview is essentially over no matter what you might think.

– Back up words with actions in the second part of the interview, show the potential hire you mean what you say.

– Offer perks to seal the deal!

– Lastly and most important- Closing a deal simply is not allowing them to say no. Ask questions like, what do we need to do to get you started with us today? What do you need from me or what do you need to hear from me for you to join us? Once you get the commitment, let them know you are depending on them to start when they say they will and you look forward to having them join the team.

Now go out and close some hires!

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