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For the last 14 years, has been providing unique Driver Recruitment solutions to the trucking industry and we are proud to say we are happy with the thousands of companies we have impacted in a positive way. has really taken a much more hands on approach to helping Trucking and Transport companies hire drivers. We work with our clients to help get them the best results possible with our service. This is not a one size fits all process and we understand the unique needs the industry has. As a result, we have structured our approach to our clients to serve their individual needs, not the industry as a whole! As a multi faceted recruitment solution, we believe this has been the backbone to’s continued success within this industry.

Part of being able to continue to service a growing and yet challenging industry when it comes to hiring drivers, we put very careful and long term thought into the products we create and present to the marketplace. As a result, we are excited to announce our latest product innovation.

The Driver Find, Driver Hiring System.

The Driver Find, Driver Hiring System is basically our growing database of over 115,000 Truck Drivers that have come to us either currently looking for a driving opportunity or were at some point. What makes this product so unique is the layout and its capabilities. The product uses an “Instant results” interface that allows you to search and find drivers that match your exact criteria, in your exact hiring locations within milliseconds. So for example, if you had a need for a Hazmat Driver in Toledo Ohio, you simply enter your search criteria and without having to perform any additional tasks you will have a handful of results immediately ready to call, email and print.

We believe this addition to our suite of products will give our Trucking Company clients a unique hiring edge in an industry that is battling shortages, high turn over ratios and an overall difficult hiring environment.

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