Why Do Some Companies Succeed In Recruiting When Others Struggle?

This is a topic that gets a lot of attention on a regular basis across the web and we wanted to create a post that truly addresses the issue of why some companies constantly succeed at recruiting and others struggle. Know this, no matter how many new AMAZING technologies hit the scene for helping you find that NEXT GREAT RECRUIT, none of them really mean anything unless they can accomplish one thing…getting you more people to talk to! Any new technology that claims it can match you with the perfect candidate and all your recruitment woes are over, you should probably save your money and stay clear of as they most likely won’t get you any closer to solving your main recruitment problem and that is…


The reason why so many companies struggle to recruit is that OF SKILL LEVEL, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! This doesn’t only apply to transportation but to all industries as a whole. Now by no means should you take this as a negative, you should take it as a positive and use it to enhance your game. You can take 2 companies that do the exact same thing, have the same rate of pay and place them across the street from each other. The only difference is one company has a skilled recruiter and the other doesn’t. You can get the same 15 applicants in front of both companies and one company wouldn’t hire any and the other company 5. Why is this?


Now let’s break it down so you understand some facts and how you can increase your ability to recruit more Drivers.

We hear on a daily basis “I’m struggling to hire people, everybody I talk to either isn’t interested in what I’m offering, doesn’t qualify, doesn’t return calls/emails, is too far away, doesn’t want to go over the road or is just seeing what is out there”.

Sound familiar?

If you are receiving applicants on a regular basis from your marketing and recruitment efforts and you tend to hear more of the above than people you actually hire, we can promise you without any question it is not your leads! Now by no means will everybody qualify who apply to your openings, however, for every 10-12 applicants you receive through your marketing and recruitment efforts you should hire at least 1-2, if you aren’t well…as mentioned it’s not your leads no matter what you might think!

Now how can you increase skill level and what are some steps you can take to increase your hiring ratios?

– You need to go into every conversation with an attitude that I’m either hiring this person now, at some point or they are going to refer me someone that I can hire. The objections you hear are really just that, objections and most of the time they are not truthful, you just believe they are.

– If you email applicants only and you don’t work the phone or text you might as well call it a day because YOU WON’T RECRUIT ANYONE! Recruiting is a contact sport, always has been and always will be.

– You need to call each applicant 5-7 times if they don’t return your call.

– You need to text each applicant at least 5-7 times if you don’t hear from them.

– You need to email each applicant 5-7 times if you don’t hear from them.

РYou need to leave enticing and enthusiastic voicemail messages that get the candidates to return your call, ie. (NAME) I have such an exciting driving opportunity that you appear to be perfect for. I would like to discuss the details with you to see if there is a match, call me back! Do the same for email and text.

If you have access to applicant databases you need to work these databases aggressively and make them part of your daily recruitment process. Just because these are people that may not have necessarily applied to your openings, doesn’t mean these databases don’t have gold in them.

Remember high levels of activity and working every day on stepping up your skill level is and always will be the game-changing factor that determines your success and failure in the recruitment process.

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