Is Your Website/Career Page Mobile Friendly?

Forget what statistics say or show, from our personal experience 80% of career pages for small to medium sized Trucking companies ARE NOT mobile friendly! What does this mean? You’re choking yourself!

Why is this so important?

73% of all traffic we see that apply to our client’s openings is all coming from a mobile device. What this means is almost 7 out of 10 applicants that apply are using something other than their desktop or laptop to look for jobs. If a prospective applicant hits one of your ads through us or any other major job site you might be listed on, you can bet that they are seeing your ad in a mobile-friendly format. But what happens when you include a link from your job ads to your website or your application page?


And typically this is what happens if your pages are not mobile friendly. You have almost a 100% bounce rate from all prospective applicants. In a market where every applicant counts it might be wise to invest a little bit of time and money into optimizing your site’s pages to be more mobile friendly. The good news is there are many sites, many free that will actually convert your site to a mobile-friendly format pretty easily. Without listing specific sites if you simply Google “converting a website to mobile friendly” you will get a large number of sites that can do this on the fly for you.

In a world where almost 100% of everything is done in the digital realm, you owe it to yourself to give your company every opportunity to capture all the leads you can to keep your trucks filled and on the road!

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