2019- The Year Of Increasing Driver Pay and Becoming More Efficient! has been in the driver recruitment space for over 15 years and we know this space! You would think that Trucking and Transportation companies know their space and most do, however, when it comes to driver pay many fall short.

While driver pay is a really big issue it is usually second on the “needs” list of drivers to the quality of life. The exception to this is when a driver is offered more compensation by another competitor. The challenges that many small to medium sized trucking companies have is matching the pay of larger companies, but drivers in many cases prefer the smaller family oriented trucking company that can’t necessarily pay what the larger companies can.

What can you do?

You need to get your pay up!

It is important that you find ways within your organization to increase pay to compete with larger companies. If you can’t pay and you can’t get drivers you can’t move your freight, period! So if you can’t get your pay up and you can’t move your freight, you do have an problem correct? You would need to determine what areas of your company that you can become more efficient in to free up necessary resources to pay your drivers!

Becoming more efficient

Every business in America no matter how big or how small can always be more efficient. In the trucking industry, it is about operating like a smooth oiled machine. From dispatch to truck maintenance you need to evaluate all the areas your organization might be lacking and fix it. This will allow you to run more efficiently and reduce driver turnover.

In closing, driver turnover is something that isn’t going away, however, there are plenty of drivers out there, just make sure when you acquire a driver you do what is required to keep that driver.

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