drivechange, a best in class Truck Driver Recruitment system that has afforded many employers the ability to 20X their driver recruitment efforts!

The driver recruitment industry has some fantastic products and solutions for dealing with an otherwise challenging hiring environment. However, recruiting not only truck drivers but virtually in any industry has always had one underlying methodology that has stood the test of time. This is the ability to effectively generate large sums of activity to your openings. In the old days, we had newspapers, radio etc…Now a day’s it’s mostly digital.  Many companies have caught on to the fact this is not a one size fits all when it comes to recruitment marketing, however, a carefully crafted approach for getting to your market is key to success.’s unique ability in being a niche product has afforded us the opportunity to focus exclusively on one area and create a truly amazing product that does all the legwork. There is nothing to figure out, our product does virtually all the work.

The driver recruitment product has left no stone unturned in the truck driver recruitment space. We have tackled every area that allows our employers to tap into virtually all required and necessary strategies for their recruitment efforts. Just take a look at what the driver recruitment platform does:

– Text marketing to drivers in your hiring zones.

– Email marketing to drivers in your hiring zones.

– A growing database of over 250,000 drivers that uses an intelligent match system to show you drivers based on any criteria you desire and in any location you desire.

–  A unique filtering system that delivers you fresh applications of drivers applying to your openings that match the criteria you have in the hiring areas of your choices.

– Distribution and management to all major job aggregators, classified websites, social media and search engines.

– Marketing and Social media management that allows us to generate applicants from all social media outlets.

– A pro-active marketing platform that allows us to pinpoint drivers that are actively looking for an opportunity in your hiring areas.

– Inbound call campaigns.

– Promotion of career day events.

– The ability to generate driver referrals from existing driver applicants.

– One simple back-end interface for managing and executing all of this, including a lightweight CRM system, mass email system, and full application management system.

So if 2019 is the year you were looking to step up your recruitment efforts, you might want to see what we have to offer. You can download our 2019 media pack here.

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