drivechange, a best in class Truck Driver Recruitment system that has afforded many employers the ability to 20X their driver recruitment efforts!

The driver recruitment industry has some fantastic products and solutions for dealing with an otherwise challenging hiring environment. However, recruiting not only truck drivers but virtually in any industry has always had one underlying methodology that has stood the test of time. This is the ability to effectively generate large sums of activity to your […]


Driver Turnover Issues Visited

As you know Driver turnover is a real issue in the trucking industry. Last stats show almost a 100% turnover every 90 days, the question is why and the answer is simple….IT IS A HARD JOB! no need to go into all the reasons why it is a hard job but better to focus on […]


The Truck Driver Shortage Explored

There has been a lot of talk in recent about the shortage of Truck Drivers the trucking industry is facing and has been facing for some time. While there is a shortage of qualified Drivers, the shortage only pertains to the industry in terms of numbers. Meaning if there are 3.5 million trucks on the […]