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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a handful of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our campaigns.

Campaign FAQ’s

(A) 24 hours or less and many campaigns typically receive an applicant within the first day! In other cases we have seen applications take a bit longer. We also monitor all campaigns regularly to ensure performance. On average we see applicants start to show on day 3 or 4 after the campaign begins but could be a bit longer or a bit less.
(A) All campaigns run on our jobsite and are distributed out to our growing list of partner sites, social media platforms, sent in email job alerts, SMS text messages and more. Our technology also leverages an "Intelligent Match" system which identifies Drivers from our growing base of over 250,000 and invites them to apply. Our marketing platform offers a cutting edge approach to helping you find more drivers!
(A) Since we are not a staffing or temp agency this is not something we do. Also, in most cases your insurance requires for you to do it as part of your hiring process.
(A) The applications Drivers complete are pre-apps that are attached to your campaign ads. We ask basic information on the Drivers which include name, location, email, phone, how long have they been driving, what is their background like, do they have any endorsements and the type of driving they are experienced in. The Drivers have an option of attaching a resume when complete. Resumes only show in about 50% of the applications as many of our applicants apply from a mobile device. We have designed our pre-apps in a way to simplify the application process to help get better applicants your way at a faster pace. After our employers receive the pre-apps they follow up with their full application. Click Here to see a sample pre-app.
(A) After being in business for over 17 years we have developed a massive following and base of Class A & B drivers unlike anything you will find! We have been very successful in presenting drivers in your hiring areas with your opportunity and getting them to apply. You will find the majority of the applicants that apply through us will match your required license type. If the applicant makes it through our filters and the license type doesn't match this applicant will be discarded and not counted towards an applicant’s we send. If you have additional criteria requirements like Hazmat or Tanker endorsements, we are very good at delivering many applicants that have the additional criteria you need but not all will.
(A) Since we are a recruitment marketing agency and not a staffing agency, we cannot guarantee hires. While there is no minimum or maximum number of applicants you will receive over the course of your campaign, 100% of the campaigns we run do receive applicants! Every campaign and employment opportunity is unique and different and therefore the response ratios will be different. However, we do work to make sure all of our campaigns are performing!
(A) This is one of the biggest challenges in the Driver market and applicants that come from ClassATransport are no different. In some cases Drivers can be hard to reach after they apply or what is better known as "ghosting". We include with all new campaigns some pointers on how to overcome some of the connect challenges you might experience with not only our applicants but applicants you might receive through other sources as well.
(A) Yes, Long Haul Owner Operators, Team Drivers that must already be in teams and companies that 1099 or contract Drivers unless it is for a Local 1099 contract position. Drivers are more open to 1099 pay if the position is local.


Set up your Driver campaign

Making payment and getting started

We accept electronic checks so you may fax a copy of a check to 1-800-846-0407 along with the submission of this form or you can email it to to begin service immediately. Checks are made out to, LLC. By faxing your check, you don't need to mail the original and we will provide a 1 time courtesy reduction of $10. If you would like to pay by credit card, simply send a request to after you submit this set up form. We will email you a secured link for paying by credit card. For questions please call: 1-800-940-6353.