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Since 2004 ClassATransport.com has been a solid solution for helping the transportation industry find and hire drivers. We operate a little differently than your traditional recruiter or standard job board. We sit in between a full-fledged recruiter and a job listing service. What we have developed is a solution for the industry that allows us to do the majority of the work and allows you to reduce your time to fill cycle. Our applicant to hire ratios are some of the highest you will find in the industry. This is because our approach is more hands-on and personalized than other services. Simply put, we create campaigns for our employers that deliver targeted applications and resumes on a regular basis. We are able to Geo-Target candidates by criteria and location!

What we do is virtually unheard of for our employers in this industry, but we love the fact that the results are so effective and powerful we continue to do what we do despite how labor intensive it is!

For about the same price you would pay for a posting on a major job board or other sites, we create marketing campaigns that deliver, Fresh and Instantaneous applications and resumes of drivers looking for an opportunity in your immediate area(s). We target drivers through email campaigns, networking campaigns and various online locations using a proprietary system. This means that when you get the applications and resumes they are targeted to your company.

If a way exists that can make the process of hiring drivers, less expensive and more effective, we are all ears! We invite you to learn more about how the service works by clicking here.

To learn more about our service, we invite you to call or email. We can be reached at: 1-800-940-6353 or click here to email.

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